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Back In Vogue -- Montmorency Cherry/Family Jones Rye Whiskey Barrels

ABV 8.8
Style Fruited MT3 Spontaneous Beer
State Colorado
Source Longmont, CO
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Product Description

Technical: Our previous 2-Year fruited Méthode Traditionnelle blend, So Last Season: Montmorency Cherry, spent an additional year in fresh Family Jones Rye Whiskey barrels. Colorado Alfalfa Honey was used as the priming sugar for bottle conditioning to tie the outfit of 100% Colorado-grown ingredients together - we’re nothing if not fashion-forward!  

Flavor Notes: Remember when Krieks were ALL THE RAGE?!? It should come as no surprise that fashion always comes full circle! This beer delivers a complex nose of sun-ripened cherry and big holiday baking spice. The taste follows with Grandma's whiskey-laced cherry pie. A moderately tannic structure counterbalances fruit sweetness and a bold spirit-like warming sensation. In this three-year oak-matured release inspired by our favorite Oude Krieks, the combination of fruit, Brett funk, and Rye-whiskey characteristics are engaging your senses to remind you that much like your favorite pair of denim, some styles are timeless. Here’s to hoping fanny-packs will be fashionable again soon!

750ml, 8.8% ABV, $30