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Critical Conversations -- Cascade Wet Hop

ABV 5.5
Style MT3 Spontaneous Beer - Wet Hopped
State Colorado
Source Longmont, CO
Delivered from Primitive Beer
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Product Description

Technical: Blend of 3-, 2-, and 1-Year matured Méthode Traditionnelle Primitive Beers aged on second-use Colorado-grown Cascade wet hops (originally delivered fresh from the field) in Sauvignon Blanc barrels over a full year. Young spontaneous beer was used to fuel bottle refermentation in this blend. The “second-use wet hops” and “aged over a full year” is what “Corporate” needs to talk to you about...

Flavor Notes: This pine and pineapple boasting Shandy-like Spon will transport you to a unique tropical pine forest, perhaps a corporate retreat to Nicaragua? Brightly acidic and pleasingly spritzy, this relative “hop-bomb” will awaken your palate and lift your spirits before your company-sanctioned meeting with Barb in HR about “the incident” the other day during senior management trust falls... Best of luck!