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Effectively Seasoned

ABV 6.0
Style MT Spontaneous Beer (6-Year Blend)
Source Longmont, CO
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Product Description

Effectively Seasoned is a multi-year ensemble with an average age >46months at bottling. This amalgamation includes a puncheon of our favorite Colorado Méthode Traditionnelle spontaneous beer from every brew season we have engaged in thus far, and is an equal fusion of six brew years (16|17, 17|18, 18|19, 19|20, 20|21 and 21|22). Given our excitement for unobfuscated terroir, Effectively Seasoned resides as our favorite fermentation project to date. Our "Copper Blend" has Champagne-like brioche and nutty qualities, notes of toasted orange peel, burnt caramel, and musty oak cellar, and showcases restrained acidity, pleasant bitterness and tannic structure that is ready for enjoyment now but is designed to age gracefully. Bottled July 2022.