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Festive Wave

ABV 4.8
Style American Spontaneous Beer
State Colorado
Source Longmont, CO
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Product Description

Introducing our newest bottled blend, Festive Wave! The third unfruited, two-year blend we've ever released, think of this as the cousin to ShibbleShabble and Jazz Pilot. ⠀
🌊 🎉 🌊⠀
Festive Wave is a blend of several 500L puncheons without the intervention of additional adjuncts. This is the bottled component of the blend (boxed component announcement soon!) and it pours with bright carbonation and a fluffy white head! We wielded the gratifying differences in each individual barrel's flavor to create a beer that is greater than the sum of its parts and perfect for autumn patio drinking. ⠀
🍂 🎉 🍂⠀
Boasting low alcohol by volume (4.8% ABV), bright acidity, restrained bitterness, and a vivid citrus and strawberry nose, Festive Wave is an unobscured showcase of crushable Colorado terroir! Conditioned in Champagne-style bottles (750ml) with local Alfalfa honey, a beautiful layer of complexity is added, as well as the sparkle that effervescence provides our beers. ⠀

Photo credit: Matt Peck (@Hopternal)