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Meager Portmanteau

ABV 5.7
Style Bière de CouPeche
State Colorado
Source Longmont, CO
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Product Description

Meager Portmanteau is a blend of Primitive's three-year, MT spontaneous beer refermented with juicy Colorado peaches, and Cellar West's oak aged Meager - a funky little table saison with Colorado grain. The marriage of these two (one mature & complex, one young & lively) fashions a delightful blended beer representative of both breweries' makeup. Delicately tart, laden with notes of ripe peach & oak, equal parts carefree & complex. The blend was given delicate Orange Blossom Honey from Bee Squared Apiaries to naturally condition and develop in green, corked & caged 750mL bottles for many months. Meager Portmanteau is finally ready to share! We love the honey’s delicate floral addition to the already intense bouquet on the nose.⁣