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Nuance is Dead -- Elephant Heart Plum Spirit Hound Whiskey

ABV 9.5
Style MT3 Spontaneous Beer - Plum + Whiskey Barrel
State Colorado
Source Longmont, CO
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Product Description

Technical: Blend of 3-, 2-, and 1-Year matured Méthode Traditionnelle Primitive Beers aged for a full year on Colorado-grown Elephant Heart Plums in a fresh Spirit Hound Distillers Whiskey barrel. We added decadent Colorado Alfalfa Honey as the priming sugar for bottle refermentation to redundantly highlight the excessive 100% Colorado-grown terroir of this beer. 

Flavor Notes: This is us, reveling in the EXTREME!!! Cue the deep purple, whiskey laced, stone fruit rockin’ bottle pour. Intense aromas of baking spice American oak, both warming and wonderful, blast out of the glass. Just as your perceptions equilibrate to a false sense of security, purple-fleshed plum and distinct impressions of red berry flavors burst through the Whiskey Barrel walls and are bound together by notes of burnt sugar and honey. There was a time where we blended beers for subtlety and contemplation. Now that Nuance is Dead, we have no choice but to blend for that pesky little devil on our shoulder.