Return Policy is an online marketplace of independent shops and vendors. Refunds, returns and exchanges are handled directly by the seller. Buyers are responsible for communicating with sellers regarding refunds and returns directly. Sellers are responsible for enforcing their own refund and exchange policies.

Buyers are responsible for carefully reading the product description and reviewing their checkout carts prior to submit. If there are problems with buyers’ order, buyers should contact sellers first to resolve the issue. Should the communication fail to resolve the issue, Bevv will offer assistance to attempt to help bring resolution to the issue. All inquiries regarding returns, exchanges, refunds, etc. should be directed to

All of our returns and disputes are handled directly between consumer and vendor through our dispute resolution integration that can be found in the order confirmation email for consumers and in the vendor's dashboard. Should you have further questions please see our FAQ.

Bevv has partnered with UPS to handle all non-local deliveries and returns within the United States.